Jun 15, 2024  
Whittier College Catalog 2023-2024 
Whittier College Catalog 2023-2024

The Bilingual Authorization Program

The Bilingual Authorization program admits students who are concurrently obtaining their teaching credential or pursuing the authorization post-credential. 

Emphasis on theory to practice, Spanish language methodology-including various models of bilingual education, especially dual language (Spanish immersion)–and Spanish culture.  

Students must have Spanish proficiency at ACTFL Intermediate High level, which is determined using three assessments: Spanish oral language recording; Spanish written language essay prompt; and Spanish language 50-item multiple choice assessment. The score of all three assessments must be at ACTFL Intermediate High. If not, students can take a Spanish refresher course (SPAN/EDUC 230) to assist with bringing students up to the required proficiency level. 

Three courses (9 units) are required for the BILA, which can be completed in one year, including 20 fieldwork hours in a dual language classroom (CTC fieldwork requirement starting in Fall 2023). Post-credential and concurrent pathways are the same. 

  • SPAN 525 Chicano/Latino Cultures: An Interdisciplinary Perspective (3 units-Offered Spring and Summer semesters) 
  • EDUC 591 Bilingualism and Biliteracy (3 units-Offered Fall semester) 
  • EDUC 592 Methodology for Primary Language Instruction in a Bilingual Setting (3 units-Offered Fall semester) 

SPAN/EDUC 230 Spanish Conversation (Offered Fall semester). This course is only required if language proficiency level is not at the ACTFL Intermediate High proficiency level.