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College Catalog 2013-2014 
College Catalog 2013-2014 ARCHIVED CATALOG

Gender and Women’s Studies

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Marie-Magdeleine Chirol, Modern Languages
Gustavo Geirola, Modern Languages
Susan Gotsch, Political Science
Wendy Furman-Adams, English Language and Literature
Jennifer Holmes, Theatre
Ann Kakaliouras, Anthropology
sal johnston, Sociology
Laura McEnaney, History
José Ortega, History
Rebecca Overmyer-Velázquez, Sociology, Program Coordinator
Paula Radisich, Art History
Elizabeth Sage, History
Anne Sebanc, Child Development
Ayesha Shaikh, Psychology
Cheryl Swift, Biology
Michelle Switzer, Philosophy

Gender and Women’s Studies, distinguished by its interdisciplinary nature, brings together faculty and students who share an interest in studying and producing theory and research about women’s experiences. The interdisciplinary approach leads students to a critical perspective and enables them to understand more fully the historical and contemporary relations of power and gender. By employing different methodologies and by considering questions regarding gender within different disciplines, students achieve an understanding of the complexity and the wholeness of human experience. Sex, sexuality, and gender are examined as biological, psychological, historical, and cultural phenomena. Special emphasis is placed upon the nature of gender as a social construction varying with respect to time, place, and context. Finally, students are exposed to new scholarship on women and are encouraged to engage critically with feminist theories and practices.

A Gender and Women’s Studies minor is useful preparation for professional and postgraduate work in a variety of fields. On a personal level, it enhances the human potential of both women and men by questioning and redefining societal values and encouraging them to work toward greater equality.


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