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College Catalog 2014-2015 
College Catalog 2014-2015 ARCHIVED CATALOG

Global and Cultural Studies

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Jason Carbine, Religious Studies, Program Coordinator

Concentration Advisors

  • Culture:
    • David Iyam, Anthropology
    • Jason Carbine, Religious Studies
  • National/Transnational Institutions:
    • Joyce P. Kaufman, Political Science
    • Lana Nino, Business Administration
  • Issues:
    • Joyce P. Kaufman, Political Science
    • Andrew Wallis, Modern Languages
  • Geographical Areas:
    • Gustavo Geirola, Modern Languages
    • Lizardo Herrera, Modern Languages
    • Robert B. Marks, History
    • Becky Overmyer-Velázquez, Sociology
    • Jason Carbine, Religious Studies

The Global and Cultural Studies (GCS) major immerses students in the world of the 21st century by encouraging them to explore contemporary problems and issues from a number of different perspectives and points of view. The GCS major offers students an opportunity to concentrate on a specific area of interest within a broad interdisciplinary framework thereby ensuring that they get breadth of knowledge as well as depth of understanding on a particular issue or area. Each student selects a concentration, which then structures the individual’s pathway through the major.

Students begin with an introductory course on globalization that explores the concept from multiple points of view (historic, political, economic, sociological) and interrogates its impact on particular countries and cultures. Students should select their concentration in the sophomore year, as this decision will guide subsequent curricular decisions, including the selection of the methods course, electives, cultural immersion units and the paper in the major. In the junior year students in the major will participate in a cultural immersion experience, preferably a semester-long study abroad, in order to get first-hand knowledge of their area of concentration. A senior capstone seminar enables students to integrate study abroad/cultural immersion experience with their culminating research project and presentation.



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