Mar 23, 2023  
College Catalog 2016-2017 
College Catalog 2016-2017 ARCHIVED CATALOG

Department of Mathematics

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Veselka Danova
Regina Faradineh
Mark Kozek,
Chair (Spring 2015)
Bill Kronholm
Jeff Lutgen
Damien Martin
Fred Park
Adrian Riskin,
Chair (Fall 2014)
Fritz Smith

Mathematics is one of the original liberal arts and serves as the foundation underlying much of modern science and engineering. It is a rigorous discipline, but one in which a creative mind can flourish and excel. Graduates with a mathematics major generally work in business or industry, teach, or pursue graduate studies in mathematics or operations research. The Mathematics Department offers courses designed to prepare majors for their pursuits and courses designed to serve the needs of non-mathematics majors. Given their reputation for improving one’s logical reasoning abilities, mathematics courses attract many non-mathematical majors.

All new students, except those with AP calculus or AP statistics scores of 4 or higher or college level mathematics transfer credit, must take the Mathematics Placement Examination to determine their mathematical preparation for placement in Whittier College mathematics courses.

The Liberal Education Program  mathematics (quantitative literacy) requirement can be satisfied by taking MATH 079 , MATH 080 , MATH 085 , MATH 139A , MATH 139B , MATH 141A , MATH 141B , MATH 220 , or MATH 241 ; PHYS 100  or PHYS 101 ; PSYC 314; or by advanced placement credit.

Students in Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, or Pre-Engineering should begin the calculus sequence in the freshman year. Those not prepared to do so during the first term should begin with 76 or 85, depending on their preparation.

The department also participates in an interdisciplinary Mathematics-Business  major, and the 3-2 Engineering Program .

Guidelines for a Major in Mathematics

Students who plan to enter a graduate program in mathematics should take more than the minimum number of mathematics courses; these students should work closely with an advisor from the Department of Mathematics to choose appropriate additional mathematics courses.

In addition to the Major in Mathematics, the department offers a Major in Mathematics with Teaching Credential Emphasis for students who plan to teach high school mathematics. Teaching Credential students should contact the Department of Education and Child Development for more information on obtaining an appropriate California teaching credential.



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