May 19, 2024  
Whittier College Catalog 2023-2024 
Whittier College Catalog 2023-2024

Religious Studies, B.A.

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Jason A. Carbine, Professor and Department Chair 

Rosemary P. Carbine, Associate Professor, Genevieve Shaul Connick Chair in Religion 

Irfana Hashmi, Associate Professor, C. Milo Connick Professor of Religious Studies 

Marilyn Gottschall, Associate Professor Emeritus

Joseph L. Price, Professor Emeritus 


The Religious Studies curriculum at Whittier College equips students with skills to understand and interpret the complex role of religion in society - past and present, local and global. Focusing on religion as a social institution and as a significant component of cultural diversity, the program induces students to investigate how religious traditions are embedded in local environments. Because of its diverse character, the greater Los Angeles region provides an ideal opportunity for field trips and other activities that encourage students to apply and enhance what they learn in the classroom setting. The program sees the inquiry into religious practices and beliefs as an occasion for becoming self-conscious about both theoretical issues in the study of religion and the search for meaning and values.  




Religious Studies, B.A.

Religious Studies Minor



REL 101 - Religious Diversity in America

REL 190 - Selected Topics

REL 200 - Exploring Religion

REL 201 - Monotheisms

REL 202 - Religions of Asia

REL 220 - Religion and Globalization

REL 222 - Judaism

REL 225 - Global Christianities I

REL 226 - Global Christianities II

REL 230 - Green Religion

REL 235 - Middle East: Muhammad to Mongols

REL 236 - Islam, the Middle East, and the West

REL 248 - Myanmar: History, Religion, Politics

REL 251 - Monks, Nuns and Ascetics

REL 253 - Women and Religion

REL 255 - Women and U.S. Liberation Theology

REL 257 - Black and Womanist Theologies

REL 260 - Religion and Social Justice

REL 290 - Selected Topics

REL 295 - Independent Study

REL 299 - Community Based Learning in Religious Studies

REL 307 - Religion and the Body

REL 311 - Gospel Literature

REL 313 - Heroes, Gods and Gurus

REL 315 - The Devil, Jinns, and Others

REL 330 - Buddha and Buddhism

REL 331 - Islam

REL 332 - Looking for Islam: Morocco

REL 333 - Hindu Religion and Culture

REL 334 - Religions of China and Japan

REL 340 - Global Ethics

REL 341 - New Religious Movements in S. California

REL 349 - Religious Fundamentalisms

REL 350 - Latin American Liberation Theologies

REL 351 - Religion and Politics in the US

REL 352 - Pilgrimage

REL 353 - Person, Cosmos, and Community

REL 361 - Ways of Understanding Religion

REL 390 - Selected Topics

REL 395 - Independent Study

REL 490 - Selected Topics

REL 495 - Independent Study

REL 499 - Senior Intellectual Memoir and Portfolio


A minimum of 36 credits, of which 18 must be at the 300 level or above

Introductory Course

Complete 1 of the following:

Required Upper Level Courses 

 Complete all 3:

Elective Courses: Categories 

Complete at least 6 credits in each of the three categories listed below. Courses are taught on a rotating basis. Independent Study courses (REL 295, 395) may also be used to satisfy one of these areas. Discuss with the department.


Students who major in Religious Studies must have one of the Religious Studies faculty as their advisor.

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