May 19, 2024  
Whittier College Catalog 2023-2024 
Whittier College Catalog 2023-2024

Chemistry, B.A.

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Department of Chemistry


Christina A. Bauer

Devin S. Iimoto

Ralph A. Isovitsch, Chair

Daniel Kwasniewski

Peter K. Peterson


The field of chemistry is concerned with the composition, properties, structures, and transformations of natural and synthetic substances. The chemistry curriculum provides instruction for students who plan to pursue graduate studies in chemistry, biochemistry, and related areas; who plan to enter medical and dental schools and other allied health fields; who will seek employment in industry or government; or who want to teach in the science programs of secondary schools. The Department also offers courses in support of other Whittier College science programs as well as courses for students who wish to acquire or strengthen a background in chemistry, but who do not plan a career in science. The Chemistry Department is approved by the Committee on the Professional Training of Chemists of the American Chemical Society. Students majoring in chemistry who follow the ACS-approved program receive certification as being prepared for a career in chemistry or for graduate study in the field.




Chemistry, B.A.

Biochemistry, B.A.

Chemistry with ACS Certification, B.A.

Chemistry Minor


A minimum of 51 credits





CHEM 110A - General Chemistry I with Laboratory

CHEM 110B - General Chemistry II with Laboratory

CHEM 220A - Quantitative Analysis Theory

CHEM 220B - Quantitative Analysis Lab

CHEM 231A - Organic Chemistry I

CHEM 231B - Organic Chemistry II

CHEM 233A - Organic Chemistry Laboratory

CHEM 233B - Organic Chemistry II Lab

CHEM 295 - Independent Study

CHEM 321A - Physical Chemistry I

CHEM 321B - Physical Chemistry II

CHEM 325 - Physical Chemistry Lab

CHEM 395 - Independent Study

CHEM 431 - Advanced Organic Chemistry

CHEM 442 - Instrumental Analysis

CHEM 442L - Instrumental Analysis Lab

CHEM 452 - Advanced Inorganic Chemistry

CHEM 452L - Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Lab

CHEM 471A - Biochemistry I

CHEM 471B - Biochemistry II

CHEM 472 - Biochemistry Laboratory

CHEM 473 - Advanced Biochemistry Lab

CHEM 480 - Biophysical Chemistry

CHEM 486 - Integrated Laboratory

CHEM 490 - Selected Topics

CHEM 491 - Chemistry Seminar

CHEM 495 - Independent Study

CHEM 496 - Chemistry Research

Additional Chemistry Credits

  • Choice of 6 additional chemistry credits (300 level or above)

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