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College Catalog 2016-2017 
College Catalog 2016-2017 ARCHIVED CATALOG

Education, M.A.

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Candidates attain the Master of Arts degree in Education upon successful completion of the Educational Design described below. The Department of Education and Child Development , the student’s graduate advisor, and other faculty members representing the area of specialization must approve the Educational Design prior to enrolling in EDUC 605 - Introduction Education Inquiry .

The Educational Design consists of the following:

  1. Minimum of 30 credits.
  2. Successful completion of EDUC 605 - Introduction Education Inquiry  and EDUC 606 - Educational Inquiry Practicum .
  3. A maximum of 9 units may be transferred from other institutions All requirements for the M.A. must be completed with a 3.0 minimum GPA; no course work below a “B-” grade will be applied toward the degree. Students must complete the M.A. within five years of admission to Master’s Degree Candidacy. A maximum two-year extension may be sought through petition. Courses completed prior to admission to the program may be accepted at the discretion of the Department of Education and Child Development . Guidelines and stipulations regarding admission to the program are available in the department offices. Variation or amendment of the guidelines can only be obtained by petitioning the Department of Education and Child Development .

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